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♣  an exclusive interview with ourselves  ♣

At first, who are you?

Well, first of all - thanks for stopping by! You seem to like castles as much as we do. We ???  That's the old loving couple at following photos. And of course our son, born 2011. Take a look!



Student of Library and Information Science B.A.



Operator in a Refinery


The Offspring

Toy Player

What's the idea of your page?

Since March 2016, this site has taken so much time that we feel we have built a real castle. It's great to know that the site is found and appreciated. The site was originally created in the study of library and information science. The topic of this IT-work was freely selectable at this time. So we quickly knew what the topic would be - Castles, Castles, Castles ... Oooh, and even more Castles. In March 2016 our Website went online.

So what’s this crazy passion for old castles?

There’s something which really grabs us about castles and ruins. When we're on castles, we feel like we're back in the Middle Ages. It's a very cool feeling, and the imagination goes through with us. It fascinates us how our forefathers thought made such monuments to power and prestige, and the remnants of times gone by, hundreds of years ago, are still visible today.

Other hobbies?

We collect old bank notes from the german influation time and old postcards. With pleasure, a castle picture may be on it. Apart from the interest in castles, we loves photography and treasure hunt via Geocaching. Since 2017, our newest hobby is flying with a drone over historical places. From lofty heights you have a great view over the grounds.


What's your message?

We'd love to show you some breathtaking historical places. Our site is filled with our photographs of castles, ruins and monuments we visited. We hope it inspires you to get out there and discover these places for yourself. Join us on a fairy-tale journey into the past!

Your Discovery Castle Team

Marina, Pierre  &  The Offspring