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Winter Impressions with   Königsburg Castle

Königsburg Castle


Anhalt Castle in Germany

23.03.2021   Photos

Anhalt Castle
in Saxony-Anhalt

Ruin Altenburg Castle in Germany

26.01.2021   Photos

Altenburg Castle
in Saxony-Anhalt

Altenburg Castle in Germany

09.12.2020   Photos

Altenburg Castle
in Thuringia

Gaschwitz Manor in Germany

27.11.2020   Photos

Gaschwitz Manor
in Saxony

Werna Manor in Germany

10.11.2020   Photos

Werna Manor
in Thuringia

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Castle Ensemble "Burgenwelt Ehrenberg"
in the Alps of Austria

From a 13th century medieval castle to an 18th century fort, the Castle Ensemble Ehrenberg in Tyrol has four fortifications to showcase.

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg in Austria Tyrol

To make the view and the history of Ehrenberg for everyone, the Castle Ensemble was extended by two attraction, which blend smoothly into the Alps; the new, fully automatic inclined lift "Ehrenberg Liner"
and the bridge "Highline 179".
The suspension bridge with its proud 406 meters in length, may officially call itself the world's longest of its kind in Tibet Style. Take a look at the four castles we visited in 2019:

Ehrenberg Castle in Austria

Ehrenberg Castle
Built in 1296, Ehrenberg Castle offers everything you would expect from a medieval castle, defensive walls, tall towers and a lot of history.

Klause Fortifications in Austria

Klause Fortifications
Ehrenberg Klause (1317) - Soon after the first mentioning of Ehrenberg, the Klause which lies below, is also named. In addition to its military function as barrage, it also served as a customs and tolls site.

Fort Claudia in Austria

Fort Claudia
Fort Claudia (1645) - The strategic importance of the mountain crest across from Ehrenberg was long known. It played an important role in the reconquest of Ehrenberg in 1546.

Schlosskopf Fortress

Schlosskopf Fortress
The Fortress at the Schlosskopf (1741) - The youngest and at the same time most important of all the complex, is the Schlosskopf Fortress.